Predatory practices (>100% sudden rate hikes); Misleading stats ("95% of claims approved" can mean $1 of $5000 paid out)

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I ensured two older dogs in 2017 at a rate of $65/mo for both dogs. It then annually went up to $78, $105, and then $280/mo by 2020. So they more than QUADRUPLED the cost in just 3 years. They sent an apology email when they did the >100% rate hike in 2020 but an apology does nothing. They get you in the door, get you invested when the dogs do not have a bunch of preexisting conditions, take your money for several years, and then hold you hostage at exorbitant ransom until you eventually need to then go off insurance forever and forfeit your investment to them.
Also, they cook their books. Every single claim gets "approved," and then you open the "approved" explaination of benefits to find that they approved like $40 of a $3900 bill. One of my dogs received surgery to remove a suspected malignant tumor, but since it came out benign they rejected all expenses (well, they approved a fraction, of course). They explained that if it were malignant they'd have paid it, but since it was benign they declared that the whole thing must be "dental". So despite that the charges were all towards a covered diagnosis of suspected malignancy (a CT scan, resection of a mass by an oncologist, a biopsy... all conducted in a facility that does not even employ a dental surgeon or anything general practice), since it was benign I'm 100% on the hook. They claim they do not interfere with medical advice and they claim they give you peace of mind when making decisions but when you are half crossing your fingers for a malignant tumor so that your diagnostic tests will be covered that is bad.

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Posted: 10/16/2020

Hi Colleen,

I am sorry for your frustration, but we have to go by the final diagnosis, and not the suspected diagnosis that occurs pre-testing. We cover everything according to the terms and conditions of our policy, so the $1,000 dental illness sublimit was applied to your claim. While it was completely covered, it exceed the amount of the sublimit. We approved the whole bill, but again, you were not reimbursed the full amount because of the dental sublimit.

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