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My dear boy Figgy, a black DLH shelter cat, died in August at only 4 years of age. Vet suspected complications from kidney damage sustained last year (from melamine-poisoned pet food). I paid over $4,200 total for my baby (he was hospitalized for 2 weeks as he wasn't eating and needed intravenous fluids). VPI paid a little over $1,100. Very disappointed in coverage. I will say that the reps were quite friendly and seemed willing to help. However, they also charged my bank account after I asked them to cancel. They did reimburse after I addressed the problem. I think there are definitely better insurances out there - these guys are good for the smaller stuff - they helped with well-care and small claims. But we don't really need insurance for the small stuff - am I right? We need an insurance partner who is there for us and our furry friends when the real trouble starts. RIP to my little Buddy - love you forever, Figgy!

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