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When I first got my cats, I looked at pet insurance and decided that none of the offerings were worth the price. About a year and a half ago (the cats are 4 1/2), I looked again. PetPlan had about a year earlier begun offering insurance in the US, after having done business successfully for decades in the UK and Canada. I liked what I saw and bought policies for both cats. I haven't regretted it for a minute. One cat has had three claims. The first was small; I submitted it mainly as a test, to see whether the insurance was worthwhile. The next two were much larger (an injury and then an illness that was uncovered during treatment for the injury). All three times the claim was handled quickly and without question; I had my check within 2 weeks after submitting the claim. Although the company could have been forgiven for taking time to look over the third claim awfully carefully, since it came so soon after the second claim (each one for over $500), in fact the third claim was processed the fastest. I will never go without pet insurance again. Now I know I can afford to give my furbabies the medical care they need, whatever that may turn out to be.

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