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About a month and a half ago my then 6 1/2 month old puppy began to develop intestinal upset, which has required multiple visits to the vet, rounds of medication, and a battery of tests to determine the source. Through this entire ongoing process, PetPlan has been fantastic. They have approved both of the claims I have submitted so far in no more than a week, and each time have communicated with me when my check was being mailed. I had very low expectations and was very nervous, when I submitted my first claim. They could not have made it easier. They even contacted the vet themselves to get all of my little guy's records. All I had to do was wait. I don't wait well, so I called a couple of times. Each time I spoke to Gwynn regarding the status of my first claim, she knew right away who I was and had my paperwork at her fingertips. She expressed a genuine concern over my puppy's health, and even made a suggestion as to asking my vet about a specialist to get to the bottom of the anemia that was indicated in my little guy's blood work. With my second claim, I didn't even call in, I was that confident they were on top of it. Debbie communicated with me via e-mail on this second claim to first let me know that the claim had been received, and second to let me know that the check was on the way. Unfortunately, my puppy's problems are still continuing, but I am confident that PetPlan will continue to impress me. The one thing I wish I had realized before I signed up was that there is a mandatory 30% co-insurance for emergency vet visits, and specialists. I'm not sure if I just overlooked that, or if it wasn't clearly indicated when I signed up online. However, this in no way diminishes my opinion of PetPlan. I have referred them to a number of people. When it comes to my pets' health, I don't mess around, and neither does PetPlan! I only wish I could sign my cat up for a policy, but he has too many pre-existing conditions and wouldn't qualify. I do now know that I would never adopt another animal without getting pet insurance, and at this point I would actually say that I would never adopt another animal without getting PetPlan.

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