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I have had VPI pet insurance for 14 years, since my toy poodle, Zach was a puppy. When he was 2 he had pancreatitis which led to diabetes and he was hospitalized for almost a week. VPI promptly paid more than half those costs. Over the years I submtted only a few claims - usually for tests - that were promptly paid. The last 3 months of Zach's life were rough - glaucoma leading to the removal of his left eye; congestive heart failure, enlarged heart, and fluid in his lungs. VPI made it possible for him to have the necessary tests and surgery, plus heart medications, which gave me the pleasure of extending his life for 3 more precious months. Again, they promptly paid my last claims - even some I wasn't expecting (euthanasia). I am so grateful to VPI for being there for Zach and me.

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