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Our dog had cancer and we did get some seemingly reasonable reimbursement back from VPI, but I honestly can't tell how much I got back because their "Explanation of Benefits" is anything but. It is impossible to figure out and the numbers don't match and it is extremely frustrating and time-consuming. I am going to try another company to see if I can do better on the paperwork front, because this is taking me hours.

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Posted: 09/02/2008

Have you recently looked an an EOB of your Family Health Insurance claim. Chances are, you will have no better luck understanding that Explaination of Benefits any better. That's just how insurance is. It's all about coding and procedures, and co-pays and deductibles, etc.
Have you tried calling to have one of the reps explain it to you? For 12 years, I have had VPI and I called on every claim. I only wish my Family health care company was as nice, knowledgeable, friendly, and caring as every VPI rep I have ever spoken to. It amazes me. They will explain every single detail, and are happy to do so.