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My cat as a kitten once swallowed plastic and threw it up. This fact is in his medical history. Five years later he gets sick with Gastritis (an upset stomach) and it costs me $600. VPI denied the coverage claiming the Gastritis was a preexisting condition, referring to the earlier plastic incident.

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Posted: 07/16/2008

VPI denies anything they want to. Even if scientifically is impossible to have a illness for so long. Ex. your dog has a illness that causes the animal to show the symptoms between 1-14 days - per veterinary medicine associations and other sources. A month and a half after your dog's insurance effective date the dog shows signs of this illness. VPI will just deny the claim saying pre-existing after you file the claim, even though they know its impossible for the illness to have been with your dog 1 and a half months previously. My local vet hospital through out all their literature because of their tactics, and they tell patrons not to get VPI... That tells you something about this company for sure.. Buyer Beware!

Posted: 03/03/2010

The exact thing happened to me..VPI refused to pay any of my bill for our Yorkie. They claimed because the dr wrote POSSIBLE liver shunting, this was a pre existing condition. Actually our Yorkie had pancreatitis. I wrote them to dispute the denial of the claim. VPI also pointed out the contract and wrote the number of the condition they would not pay for. Well, there was no such item on MY contract. They tried everything not to pay. However I proved them wrong and they finally relented and paid a large portion of the bill.