3 pets insured and LOVING IT!

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I have had insurance on my 3 pets, one for over 7 years! My policy has saved Rajahs life twice. I know that they have limits to their coverage because I have READ my policy and understand it. It just amazes me at the reviews that I have read that are obviously written by people that dont know how to read what they paid for. I personally make it my duty to understand what I spend money on. My pets health is important to me and I want the best care for them and that I why I use VPI!

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Posted: 07/02/2008

hey terri, i work in the legal field and i know how to read a contract. you seem to be the only person who likes this company. maybe the other people commenting on here, myself included, are having other than contractural problems, like saying claims are not received so VPI can get out of it's contractural obligations by just continuing to not receive claims (and then asking for proof of illness, like the owner and vet are both lying). my vet probably went through a ream of fax paper sending one claim. this company is the worst. you're lucky you haven't had a problem with them. hope your luck contintues.