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My husband and I got married last May, and shortly after the honeymoon we thought we were ready for step two of the "fairy tale." After a month of researching different dog breeds, we decided that our first "baby" would be an adorable American Bulldog pup named Kaila. She was not only the first member of our family, but my first altogether! My husband, on the other hand, grew up on a ranch with many dogs and said that it would be a "piece of cake."
He was right; from the day we brought her home she was the perfect dog. She has never chewed on any of our things, had an accident in the house, or any of the stuff that I was anticipating with a puppy. I started training with her at 10 weeks and quickly discovered that I had been blessed with an amazing animal.

Shortly after we brought her home I started investigating pet insurance companies. My husband thought it was a joke and insisted that she is just a dog. He was NOT going to get insurance for a dog.

I read review after review, called company after company asking multiple questions, and finally decided on Petplan USA. They had everything that I wanted, from the service, to the coverage options. I am okay with paying for the things I would normally pay for like shots and teeth cleaning, and they cover ALL the other stuff. I had the option to pay a little more a month and get a 100% back after my deductible was met. These were things that I was looking for in a pet insurance company. After pleading my case I talked my husband into trying it out for a while - at least until she's out of the puppy phases I said.

At 4months old she had a clean bill of health....but that was short lived. The first time we took her in to see the vet for health reasons she was almost 6months. It was terrible - we thought that she had caught Parvo, but thankfully she didn't. Instead, she had a parasite infection as well as a urinary track infection. This was not to be our first or last visit for these two reasons, not to mention the other crazy situations - like eating christmas lights at a friends house while being "watched for the night." Puppy stuff, right!?!

Nope - from then on our vet became one of our best friends. At 10 months we decided to have a valvaplasty done for her to stop the urinary infections. The surgery would cost $1000.00 alone, and that didn't include the visits that would follow to make sure everything went well. But it didn't end there - oh no - she ended up getting a infection under the neck brace they put on so she couldn't reach her stitches.

After that she had a severe allergic reaction to something - not once but twice in the same week! Something that the emergency vets nor our primary vet could figure out. She was in and out of emergency rooms and the vets hospital for a week straight. We never thought that our first "baby" would be so expensive!

To date, we've had her for exactly a year, she has been to the vet for one thing or another AT LEAST once or twice a month every month. That's a lot when it's supposed to be a "piece of cake!" Unfortunately, they have all been - have to go situations.

So let me tell you why you - HAVE TO GO WITH PETPLAN!

From the very first time, I spoke with/sent in a claim to Petplan (keep in mind, I've sent in more then I can keep track of) they have been above and beyond amazing - in EVERY WAY! I remember the first time I spoke with the women in the claims department.

I was very worried that it was going to be like dealing with my regular health insurance. Where you are on hold forever; they are very technical, anything but warm and friendly; almost annoyed that they have to help you. It was the farthest from that - they are all wonderful and Gwynn has been there with me from the very beginning.

She has made me feel, time and time again, like my family is part of the PetPlan family. They not only make me feel like they understand what I may be going through, but they are there to make it as easy as possible. Especially when I'm already dealing with so much on my end.

It is never a problem to contact her. She's always warm and friendly. Any question or concern I may have in regards to my policy, she's ready with an answer or solution. I was thinking about sending my pup to a chiropractor in hopes that it might help some of the problems she's been having with her hind end. Gwynn knew exactly how my policy worked with homeopathic practices, and she even had a list of doctors to send to me.

Any claim can be faxed in, and within a week I have 100% of my money back minus my small deductible. They even call/email to check in and make sure that you received your check. I can go as far as to say, that we have a great relationship and I look forward to talking with her. I like "talking business," and then hearing about her pups and old kitty cat.

If you are looking for a pet insurance company I recommend PetPlan with a 10! They have the best customer service, great policies/coverage, and taking care of claims IS a "piece of cake!"

As I sit here writing a small novel, raving about how wonderful Petplan has been - my "little girl" lays at my feet also thankful. Without them we would've been able to afford to keep her. My husband admits that he was wrong, and says we will never own a pet without PetPlan insurance.

We tell everyone we know that we have the best pet insurance out there. Our extended family has switched and so have many of our friends. When you love your animals as much as we do, you want to make sure that you are in the best hands available. Thank you Petplan for keeping me and my family happy and healthy! We couldn't be doing it with out you!

Brandy, Justin and Kaila (our little lovable lemon)

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