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I purchased 3 policies from this company as I had Petshealth plan (no way!!) thinking it would be better but boy was I snookered by them. They sure are fast to put thru their premiums but when it comes to paying out, they are the worst. My 10 year old sammy Osa had ACL repairs several years ago and she's been doing good. Now at 10 being a fairly good sized dog she is developing arthritis. VPI denied my claim for adequan shots (an injectible glucosamine). I filed an appeal, denial again, I filed with CA dept of insurance, VPI responded, denial again. If they have any way out of paying, they will do so. Do NOT go with this company. Now its too late to change for Osa since she's developed arthritis no other company will pay. I am extremely disenchanted with this company. Stay away!!

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