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I have a puppy who chewed something and ended up being hospitalized overnight- It amounted to $600.00In their policy, ingesting foreign objects is covered under accident- Pets Best is requesting medical records which certainly is there right to do- HOwever, when I spoke with customer service as to the reason, the representative didn't know, but stated to me perhaps it was because my puppy has a behavior problem, because she chews lots of things- She is a puppy- puppies chew alot- when I confronted her, she said that she didn't know the reason, and she was giving me an example of why they are requesting records- the issues are 1) you should be able to know exactly why the company is requesting records 2)This was not a large claim- I am concerned that this is a stalling tactic- I haven't received the outcome, but the issue is that is pretty clear cut- Imagine what would happen if this was a larger bill- I read other reviews, yes, the customer service representative is polite, and they are receptive, but the company should be able to tell you exactly why they are delaying your claim and requesting records- I read another poor review that involved an accident with a puppy- perhaps puppy owners should find another company- and I'm hoping that I will be able to change my review, after they receive the records- I have called the President of the Company as of today- I am a mental health professional and have worked in the insurance business- again, my issue as of now, is that I should know exactly why my claim is being delayed- and if it truely is because puppy chewing is considered a behavior problem than most puppies in the country have a behavior problem- I feel that I am in a tough situation, I am inclined to go with another company- as I just was apalled and when the representative stated that it might be because my puppy has a behavior problem- but If I drop them, they most certainly will not pay the claim- I have called the President - he gives you his cell phone- which is nice- and hopefully he will have more information and I will get my claim paid- and hopefully sometime soon I will be able to amend this review- however, the company truely needs to tell you exactly what is going on and why medical records are being requested- not guess-

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Posted: 07/11/2008

thank you for your specificity in your review. Truly refreshing when compared with the positive reviews that appear to be manufactured from their marketing department or a looking-to-be-busy intern. Please update your review and let us know if they continued to stall or denied your claim because of that outrageous assessment that CHEWING puppies have a BEHAVIOR problem!! That's one for the books!

Posted: 08/20/2008

Lisa, Why are you so intent on posting/commenting negatively? Every positive review I have read has your negative note in the comment section. Perhaps you are a disgruntled employee? Maybe you and Carolyn (the "mental health professional") should find something better to do with your time. And no, I am not an employee of Pets Best and do not have any animals insured by them (but will soon after reading the company's professional responses to some of these idiotic, negative comments).