VPI allows me to have many healthy pets

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Some years back our 12 year old healthy Golden Retriever, Annie, suddenly began going down. We were referred to a specialty vet who confirmed a slow growing tumor on her spleen that had grown to the point of causing bleeding. We were given a form with an estimated cost to save her. I never even looked at the bottom line because I knew I had VIP and would get reimbursed for a good part of it. The Vets did their best for her but couldn't save her. She had heavy internal bleeding. So we had to have her put down. And as I knew they would VIP covered most of it and sent a sympathy card for Annie. Since then we have had all our pets covered and we know that a trip to the vet doesn't have to be decided by how much we can afford to spend but by the seriouness of the problem. We have the Standard with Well Care protecton and Cancer Endorsement. So we can have teeth cleaned and immunizations and pay only a part of it. The claims can be FAXed and your done. With 2 dogs and 4 cats we really love having VIP.

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