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When I adopted my 11 year old, deaf, slightly blind, dog with kidney issues I started researching pet insurance. I looked at every pet insurance website I could find and read through almost everything on coverage, what's excluded, and got quotes. Pets Best was simply the best one I had seen so far, better value than VPI who wanted to charge me $68 (Pets Best charged around $44/month). If you read everything through, it's quite clear and simple. I knew my dog wouldn't get covered for a large bill due to his kidney failure later, but they covered whatever they could for that hospitalization and his euthanization and cremation. Pets Best has had the best customer service I've seen.
When I adopted my 3 month old puppy 6 months later, I immediately signed him up for Pets Best and locked in our low rate of $32/month. I've seen a few new insurances recently that also look pretty good, but in the long run I think Pets Best will still benefit me the most. Just recently, my dog was hit by a car and having Pets Best really helped keep me calm as it was one less thing to worry about.

I'm absolutely satisfied with their service and their coverage!

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