Complete Rip off and BS

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here is the math. Every year your premium increases. they say it won't increase based on pets age.. however they increase it becuase apparently ... get this.. vets increase their bills every year. so lets start here. I pay 36.00 a month for my 12 year old beagle cross. that is 432,00 per year.. this year. it will go up again.
Now I also have a 500.00 deductible. Now they also state that my coverage is for 2000.00 on my pet. so lets break it down.
My dog needs some treatment that the vet charges me 627.02 for. The first 500 is my deductable.. then they claim co - insurance (20%) off the top. claiming I should be responsible for that portion of the claim. 125.41(they round up).
so.... 627.02 - 125.41 - 500.00 = CHACHING... $1.61 being paid out on the claim. YEAH 1.61. so really if i had saved the 432.00 i paid for the coverage.....

if if you break it down from the maximum amount they will pay out.. ($2000.00) you would have to incurr 3125.00 in vet bills + 432.00 (premiums) bringing your total spent 3557.00...

bottom line.. unless you are willing to really spend on your dog.. not inclidng teeth, shots, worming etc.. the standard stuff. petplan really is expensive and not really worth it.

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