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I have submitted two claims to VPI in the last year. The first one, for a torn nail, was denied stating the injury was done prior to having insurance. Which I found odd since I obtained the insurance prior to picking my dog up from the Human Society, and the injury happened after the dog was in my possession. I had to send in an appeal to get this cleared up. The second claim was for the same type of situation, but more severe. My dog had to get an IV, and be sedated to remove what was left of the nail under the skin, and left the vet with a cast. My vet bill was over $300 and VPI covered $55. After reviewing their response, I noticed they had lumped the entire surgery under the "torn nail" coverage. Which would be correct if she didn't have to be sedated and surgery wasn't completed. After speaking with a representative, my claim is being reviewed again. My thoughts: The customer service is nice. There is always someone to talk with over the phone, there is usually no hold time, and the representatives are very thorough and helpful. My problem would be with the underwriters. Every claim I have submitted, has to be reviewed. This seems like just carelessness on the claims department underwriters. I would improve my overall score if correct underwriting was completed the first time. I don't feel I should have to point out the flaws in their system every time. I wonder how many other people just accept what they are reimbursed and don't give a second look?

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Removal of torn nail
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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