No Second Morgage!

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That's what we were considering when we were told our rescued dog, Scout, needed a hip replacement! She was found on the Mesa West of town, tail cut off, starving, and beatten up at 6 weeks old. We found out about her when she was 16 weeks old and adopted her. At 10 months she needed elbow surgery, at 2 years old she tore her ACL, then had to have the hardware taken out 4 months later. Same for the other knee at 3 years old. THEN I found out about PetPlan USA and enrolled her, thinking they probably would not cover anything else, but you never know. About 5 months after enrolling her, the hip replacement. Within days of returning home she broke the leg the implant was in! Another surgery. PetPlan covered 70% for the surgeries (after my chosen $200 deductable and at that time they paid 70% for specialists). I almost hit the maximum amount for the year ($8,000) but PetPlan was with us every step of the way either on email, phone, or information on the website. We didn't have to put her down for lack of money for her surgeries, nor did we have to second morgage our house! Now Scout is having physical therapy, Laser therapy and acupuncture and PetPlan is covering 80%.

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Osteoarthritis Hip
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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