Terrible customer service, claims sometimes processed incorrectly, avoid if you are a veterinarian

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I am a veterinarian and also have Healthy Paws for both of my dogs. While they usually cover what they say they will, their customer service is terrible. I have had numerous issues where they didn't cover as much as they should have and typically have had to send multiple emails and make numerous phone calls to get the problem corrected. At times, I have sent them all the medical records and still received automatic emails saying they can't process the claim because I haven't provided documentation.
Another problems is that they will not cover any claims on which I am the veterinarian of record. Therefore, any time I run bloodwork for example on my own dog, they will not cover it. I definitely do not recommend this insurance if you are yourself a veterinarian. If you have a lot of patience for terrible customer service and are not a veterinarian, you could consider it as a "good deal" as far as cost for covereage.

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Posted: 10/08/2020


We apologize that our customer service has not met yours or our expectations. We are currently seeing a higher than usual influx of incoming emails. In regards to your pet’s claim, most pet insurance companies including Healthy Paws use a pet's medical records to determine if there are any pre-existing conditions which would keep us from approving a claim. We appreciate your recent efforts to provide us with those records. Our team will review and if necessary, we will reach out to the other clinics you referenced to process your recent claim as quickly as possible.

You are correct that our policy does not allow a veterinarian to provide service to their own pet. We have found that many of the veterinarians that have a Healthy Paws policy have another vet in their practice that can provide care or they have someone in the veterinary field at another practice that they feel comfortable with caring for their pet. Give your babies big hugs from us.

The Healthy Paws Team