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We've had pet insurance on our dog for 3 years with PetFirst. She developed a problem last year, and even though she was covered, they refused to cover it when it crept back up this year because it is only covered "during the policy year" and then is considered "pre-existing" for the life of the dog, which means it is NOT covered. EVER. I am just finding this out today, even though I called earlier this year to make sure her surgery would be covered (they said yes, even though they now are telling me no). Now I have to add an expensive rider to cover anything that might come up "chronic" -- for instance, should she come up hypothyroid this year, they will only cover it "this year" -- not next year, or 5 years from now. Would've been nice if they had explained all their legal jargon before we bought the policy.
Also, they are pretty quick getting our reimbursements back to us, but there's is too much red tape to get things approved.

Customer service is severely lacking. I was transferred to 5 different people today only to find out the first person that answered could've helped me even though he said he couldn't.

I'd recommend looking around. I plan to do just that.

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Posted: 10/28/2010

Sorry, but that has not been my experience at all. Perhaps you are confusing them with another company, because really, that is hard to believe. I also have been with the company for three years and the same problems have occured with my dog at different times. None were ever considered pre-existing even into the next year. I have only ever paid the $50 deductible, per incident & the rest was covered 90%, never one problem. And I couldn't even dream of better customer service. I would not even bother to write a review if they didn't always impress me each time.
I'm sorry for your issues, but there isn't a better plan than Petfirst.

Posted: 11/09/2010

They covered my cat's urine problem for a few months and then stopped paying it. When I called about it I was told it was only covered in the policy it started. It was now chronic since my policy renewed and it wasn't cured. I was told it was no longer going to be covered at all.