not happy pet owner

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I first decided this time on trying trupanion insurance for my newfoundland that was about 10 week old and now he is 2 yrs old. i have never made a claim. i know they have raise the price 40.00 more. they say the never raise the price due to age, the raise it because Advancements in veterinary medicine continue to improve the quality and lengthen the life of our pets. so i will be canceling my membership..

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never had a claim
Claim Amount
Under $100


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 11/02/2011

We are currently in the process of bringing premiums up to date, some of which had not been updated in nearly 4 years. As we gather more claims data, we can more accurately determine the average cost of "your pet" based on all like pets of your situation including breed, age at enrollment, chosen deductible, and geographical location. We are the only pet insurance provider to offer 90% coverage and no limits whatsoever so we must adjust premiums based on the average cost of your pet in order to keep offering such liberal coverage. On average, we pay out about 70 cents (versus the industry average of 50-55 cents) in claims for every dollar received in premiums so when you see an increase to your premium, it is a sign that the average pet like yours is receiving more health care. I encourage you to learn more about our pricing here: