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I am Alberta Brown of Erie Pa and my ShuTzu has been insured with VPI since she was 1year old. She is now 10. I got her from a breeder in Canada with an excellent reputation for breeding healthy dogs, but my little Lucy was not one of them. I didn't know she would have allergies to the point where she ate off her hair, weak bones in her legs that required surgery on three of them and crooked teeth that needed to be straightened. I paid top price for her, not knowing I would have to pay for her health twice over her original price, but without VPI I could not have managed it. They have been more than fair with reimbursements, and I am grateful She is my faithful companion, and I will continue to try and insure the rest of her life is as pain free and happy as I can. I know that VPI will be there to help me do that.

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Shih Tzu

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Over 8 years

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