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When my canine "son" Bixby started screaming out in pain one evening as we went for our daily walk, I knew something was very wrong. A visit to my vet confirmed my fear- he had a grade 3 luxating patella and surgery was needed and needed quickly. There was no question that I would have it done even though the $1200 + cost was a bit prohibitive. After Bixby was back home and on his feet I had my vet send in the paperwork to Petplan and within 3 weeks I had a check for 80% of the costs (just what I had specified in my contract with Petplan). I was very pleased with everything connected with this transaction and would recommend Petplan as a great pet insurance company.

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Luxating patella
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Japanese Chin

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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