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I will NEVER EVER EVER insure our pups with any other pet insurance than Pet’s Best.

Two months after we rescued our boy, Buck, he went into ICU with acute kidney disease and renal failure. He spent five days away from home, in exceptional care at the ER ICU. It was the first claim we had to file with Pet’s Best for him and the bill was over $5,000. After a 30 day review of Buck’s medical history and diagnosis, Pet’s Best reimbursed us every single penny with the exception of the $250 deductible and charges off the itemized bill that I didn’t sign up for them to cover. We were STUNNED that we weren’t subjected to 10,000 questions, nickel and diming and knit-picking by them. They spoke to our dogs primary vet and the hospital and determined we were owed exactly what we signed up for when we insured our dogs with them. Buck has been in and out of the hospital since then and every claim was paid very quickly.

Do NOT put any other insurance company on your pups dog tag. This company is legit, customer service is hands down the best I’ve ever experienced.

Pet’s Best has set the bar at an unreachable height for the other most highly rated companies like Trupanion. I’ve used them all and I’m a lifelong, loyal customers of the best... PET’S Best.

Buck thanks you for giving his Momma the ability to save his life.

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