Better care for my dog, our family member.

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We have a male boxer, named Ivan,that is 9 years old. I have had this insurance since he was 10 weeks old. Over the years I have used the insurance for well being care (yearly shots, blood work). I have used the insurance for surgery on small growths that needed to be removed, and other small issues that needed vet care. At age 8 he developed a thyroid condition which has resulted in many blood tests to determine the medication that was best for him. I have learned that thyroid issues are very common in dogs. Over the years the insurance has changed, just as our insurance has changed. I have never considered dropping this insurance, and yes, it is getting more expensive every year now that he is older. We are now on our last few years and I would not jeopardize his treatments by dropping his insurance. My one complaint - there is a $50.00 charge every time I place a claim - even if I have two different types of claims at one time I get charged %50.00 for each one. Many people may not have more than one claim a year, but if your pet has to see the vet for testing every few months, there should be a limit on the "deductible" as the $50.00 fee is called. Overall I have been very happy with this insurance, they process the claims quickly and if you have any questions someone is there to help.

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Surgery for growths
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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