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When I decided to get health insurance for my 4 cats they were all healthy. No problems, we went for regular check ups and had the regular maintenance health care done, such as dental cleanings, etc. everything was fine. I decided to have health insurance for them considering they were getting up in age - if they fell or had any injury or minor illness then at least I could feel like I had extra help to pay for it. You wouldn't believe how much one little injury could cost.
The health insurance has helped out tremendously. Within two years all my cats had at least one thing happen to them or some minor illness came upon them. One cat had a few problems within two years. If I didn't have the insurance the cost for 4 cats with health issues would've ran me thousands and it did! The pet health insurance covered a great portion of it and my budget for cat care did not take a large hit within those two years.

It is just a comfort to know there is help. It is insane not to have health insurance for yourself it is equally insane not to have it for your animals since it can help you cover your cost. Not to mention, give you the peace of mind that you can offer the best possible care for your animal.

Don't know why I didn't get it sooner. Everyone is healthy and/or recovering now, thankfully!

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