Pet Care doesn't pay claims

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PetCare Insurance is garbage--don't bother. I recently bought a very nice 70 percent coverage for my shelter kitten. This plan was one of their more expensive plans at $28.95 per month. Because her stools had a little blood in them, I was prudent and took her to the vet. The vet said that it is common for shelter kittens to get worms, so my kitty was prescribed some oral anti-worm medications. She also had some of her required shots done at the time for rabies. Grand total: $150. After submitting all the necessary paperwork to PetCare (there was a ton of it) they DENIED the claim, saying that it was a pre-existing condition! Nice, huh? I promptly stopped payments to them and they haven't gotten a penny from me since. I am currently shopping other insurers. I'm just glad that there wasn't a more serious problem with my beloved kitty, because I certainly would not trust PetCare to fulfill a claim.

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