Processing of Wellness Claims in 2010

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I purchased pet insurance for two new Pomeranian dogs in 2010 (a 1.5 yr old male and a 2 month old male). Got both dogs neutered + had microchips implanted during the year plus wellness shots for the puppy. However, I delayed sending in the wellness claims until the end of the year and had overlooked the 60 day limit on normally submitting claims. I called the office before sending in the claims in December and was encouraged to submit everything even though some of the claims were over 8 months old. Embrace processed the claims very quickly and I did receive refunds for all the claims I submitted. The staff has been very professional over the phone and in sending me emails on the status of the claims as they were completed. I am a licensed insurance agent in California and would highly recommend Embrace for anyone wanting to get insurance for their pets.

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neutering + microchip
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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