Very good one,& affordable, from ups and down

Out of 10

My last 2 claims in June 2010 at petshealth had deliver their 80% return. I was thinking of changing but I notice they had a high return rate to the other insurances so I stay with them. I am so happy I did since my latest two claims in June I received a high return from them. So the comparison of insurances that I made where correct about Petshealth. They didn't fail me since when I stated with them they where excellent. So I stick by them since I know the economy wasn't doing well through the recession period. My eight year old cat Tabby had an anal clog which just has started this year. I had a great return from this. Also, she had surgery on her tail which the tenant upstair has cause. I was also very happy with that return. For, I have my health to take care of also now. I was saving this money by the way to cover a health insurance for a surgery. So it was a great help to have they returns I did. By the way, their plans are affordable and have different level of coverage.

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Anal gland,cat tail, abscess bite
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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