Cannot recommend Petplan enough!

Out of 10

I had never owned pet insurance before but I researched the concept for months before deciding on Petplan for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Penny. There really was no alternative. Petplan covers conditions that are almost universally excluded including hereditary problems and issues that your particular pet/breed may be at a higher risk of contracting.
As cavaliers can have so many hereditary conditions, Petplan was the only choice!

We've had to use our policy a few times over the past year and a half. An Emergency Room visit for coughing here, blood tests and X-Rays for throwing up there, nothing too serious but the bills added up and then were promptly reimbursed by Petplan!

One vet trip we went in for a limp and came out with a luxating patella diagnosis! We went to the best specialist in the area for our consultation and Petplan PROMPTLY pre-approved reimbursement for the surgical procedure in under 72 hours!!

They've covered everything from ER visits to surgical consultations at three different vets without a problem. Many cavalier owners I know put off having patella surgery until the dog is lame and in constant pain with a severe grade 4! Thanks to Petplan, we were able to get Penny her surgery and get her back on the path to living a happy, active life!

All of the vet's I've seen have "warned" me as soon as I hand them my "Claim Form" that my insurance "certainly will not" cover X, Y or Z and I come back like an advertisement bragging about their exceptional service and the fact that YES they DO cover hereditary conditions!

I have and will continue to recommend Petplan to everyone who will listen!

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