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WARNING!!!! the only wellness going on in the banfield program is to their profits. try and cancel the program before your year is up and you will end up having to pay inflated fees which they claim you saved (even if your pet dies!!!) it will be the most money you will ever spend on your pet. stay away from it

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Posted: 04/18/2010

This is soo true. I had a pet who died only three months after being on this insurance plan and had only had 2 office visits. One day we woke up and my little pet was sickly and died. They not only advised me of a ton of fees that I would be charged, but they continued billing my credit card even after I requested the cancellation.

Posted: 09/05/2010

My Max died after have Banfield for 11 years. When he died the girls were all very upset and they canceled our plan for MAX without any charges. The same for our cat Charlie.

Posted: 09/26/2010

These stories are very unfortunate, but when you signed your Wellness Plan agreement, you were signing a LEGAL CONTRACT to pay the full year. It clearly states, in the agreement, that should you decide to cancel, you will have to pay either the full retail price of services used from the plan, or pay the remaining monthly payments, whichever is less. Losing a pet is never a pleasant experience, and I can assure you, they don't want to make it any harder, but business is business. If every vet gave things away for free, they'd all be out of a job. That's just the way it is.