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I have been a customer of VPI for over seven years and I am very happy with the coverage for our three canines. It does work in your favor to insure them as soon as they are born just as it does with humans. One of our adopted pooches did have a pre-existing condition (skin condition) that they won't cover just like with humans. I have submitted claims over the course of the last seven years and must say that especially within the last couple of years they have improved their web site and processing time. The web site now features status of claims which eliminates most of my phone calls. The CS representatives answer the phone promptly if you do need to call. Two instances that particularly stick out with me was when one of our pooches blew a disc in her back which cost us $5200. up front. We were happy to find out that VPI covered over half that amount. Another time VPI accidentally mixed up a billing when I made a change which resulted in them deducting one of our premiums from the wrong account resulting in 4 overdraft fees to the tune of $80.00. When I called and complained to the CS representative she recommended I send the bank statement and a letter of explanation to see if I could recover the overdraft fees from VPI which I did. Two weeks later I received a check for the $80.00. I know there are horror stories for every company doing business and I'm sure some are valid. I'm happy to say that I have been happy with VPI and I recommend them to anyone who has a four legged loved one.

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