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I reviewed my options and chose Embrace based on other people's recommendation. No surprise, on my first claim Embrace found reasons not to cover my puppy. I signed up for coverage on 2/1/10. I was told that after a 14 day waiting period, my puppy that we had adopted from a rescue would be covered as of 2/15/10. On 2/22/10, I took my puppy to the vet for his final set of booster shots and had the vets fill out a claim form. Upon filing my claim, I was told that since he didn't see a vet during his 14 day waiting period, that he wouldn't be covered until March. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THE DOG HAD TO SEE A VET DURING THE WAITING PERIOD IN ORDER FOR COVERAGE TO TAKE PLACE. EVER. Still, even though he was apparently NOT covered during that month, Embrace still charged me for February's premium, even though he was NOT covered and refuse to reimburse me for this month of non-coverage. Like every other insurance company I've ever dealt with, if they can find an excuse NOT to pay, they won't. Maybe this would be a good thing to have in terms catastrophic situations - dog gets hit by a car, ingests poisonous material, etc., but for one's average pet costs - shots, check-ups, etc., I don't think this insurance helps at all. I'm giving them a "2" rather than a "1" because their online response time was quite fast... but only to tell me that I wasn't covered and they couldn't help me or refund my money. One would think they would be empathetic to rescue dogs who may not have detailed history of care, but one would be wrong.
I can't help but feel mislead and cheated by Embrace pet insurance and their not being forthcoming on stipulations required for my puppy to have coverage, and then refusing to reimburse me for the month's premium they charged when my puppy was not covered.

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Posted: 03/25/2010

Just to clarify, we paid $167.97 of wellness claims to Catie; we did not cover the remaining $68 for itchy skin because Catie's puppy did not have any health history as required by his terms and conditions.
We recognize we can do better at communicating the key terms and conditions so we are doing a much better job at letting people know about the requirement to have gone to the vet in the prior 12 months of the policy when they buy their policy.

Posted: 07/09/2010

Laura (or Embrace representative), Does your statement "requirement to have gone to the vet in the prior 12 months of the policy when they buy their policy" mean the pet is required to have a vet wellness visit in the 12 months prior to the first day of actual coverage (which is 15 days after date policy is purchased, correct?)? And can the required vet visit be for anything or must it be a check-up (wellness)?
Thanks for clarifying.