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I felt compelled to share our story to say what an Incredible Company Petplan is and how very grateful I am for choosing it.
My boyfriend and I rescued a dog we named Izzy. Izzy is a very sweet, extremely high energy “mixed breed” found on the streets of New Orleans. Our troubles started when after many months of perfect health, one night Izzy vomited blood. The very next morning, the vet noticed bruises had spontaneously appeared on Izzy’s abdomen, ears and gums. Izzy was gravely ill. To make a long story short, we discovered that Izzy has Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia, a life threatening condition where her own body had begun to attack her platelets and she was bleeding internally all over. This began what has been for all of us a very long (and very expensive) journey

Our vet began treatment, but she still was not responding. Worse, the dog we know and love was lying listless at our feet, barely moving, bruising without being touched and having frightening Gastro Intestinal complications. Feeling it was beyond their ability to address, our vet recommended we take Izzy to a Veterinary Hospital an hour away that specializes in complex cases, where Izzy could receive monitored around the clock care and testing, but one that was surely well outside our budget.

I had already sent in the original set of claims to Petplan just days before, but my boyfriend and I were besides ourselves, not knowing how long Izzy would have to stay in this hospital and if we wou

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