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VPI says it covers me up to $9,500. This is a pipe dream. VPI uses a Customary/Reasonable reimbursement schedule that is no where near true real world prices. I bought Pet Insurance to help me with unexpected high $ issues. When my do got bit by a Rattle Snake, I took him to the vet (now some snake bites are dry bites which don't require antivenom, thus you would have a small vet bill, but I am talking about a bite with venom). Antivenom is very expensive. Average cost is going to be about $3000. VPI says the average cost is $800. Like I said, VPI customer/reasonable schedule is predatory. The Antivenom used to treat snake bite is $150 to $300 per CC. And no, 1 CC won't save your dogs life, nor will two. $800 is just a fraction of what the vet will charge you for this. But VPI only pays you 80% of 800, not the approximately $3000 that would be charged by your vet. Don't trust me. Before you sign up with VPI, take the customary and reasonable schedule to your vet (Hell take it to 10 vests) and see what they would charge and compare it to the VPI "Customary & Reasonable". use the Snake bite as an example and see how much per CC it cost to administer and what the average number of CC'd used to treat it. With $9500 in coverage makes it sound like a good deal. For $40/month, this is on the lower end for premiums. When you factor in the Customary/Reasonable schedule used by VPI, your coverage is only 15 to 25% of the true costs. So VPI is more like a 2ndary insuranc

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Snake Bite
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Over $1000

Great Pyrenees

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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