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I bought Pets Best Insurance (regular and wellcare) shortly after purchasing a puppy that turned out to be loaded with problems like tapeworm, bacterial infection and giardia. It took months to clean him up so that he is now happy and healthy at 9 months. After several claims, I found that the hundreds of dollars I spent at the vet was not reimbursable! I've tried to cancel the well care and learned that I can't until I have it for a year! Maybe someday the regular portion of the policy will pay for something....but I hope I never need it. I will be changing companies when my year is up!

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bacteria, tapeworm and giardia
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 09/06/2011

Hi Elly, we’re glad to hear your puppy is doing well. Our BestWellness routine care coverage helps pay for things like spay/neuter, blood work, annual exams and vaccinations. It also covers the testing and prevention of parasites, however the treatment of parasites is excluded from coverage. You can read about our BestWellness coverage at and our regular plan coverage at
Because 100% of BestWellness benefits are available immediately after the waiting period, the coverage can only be removed at annual renewal. At only $22 per month it offers up to $480 in annual benefits for dogs – something many pet owners find extremely valuable. We’ll have a Customer Care rep contact you to answer any questions and ensure you know what you can expect from your pet insurance plan going forward.