Thank God for VPI pet insur.!!!

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Magnus is our English Bulldog. He is part of our family. He loves being outside, loves playing with our baby boy,loves to eat and just hangout... So when all these things started to not happen day to day with Mag..We were worried. He was vomiting, not eating and was just depressed and losing weight VERY quickly. So off to the vet we went. It appeared that Magnus had gotten a hold of something foreign and eaten it and it was lodged in his intestines. So when it came down to life or death surgery to save him, we didnt hesitate! It was gonna be hard for us with Christmas right around the corner and day to day expenses, but hes our family. You gotta do everything no matter the cost. The people at VPI were EXTREMELY helpful and nice on the phone. There were no "catches" or "tricks" to get reimbursed. And we got our money back just in time for the holidays. I recommend to all my friends and family with new pets to use you guys for pet insur. In this day and age its not something you should go without. Magnus is great!! Back to his normal loveable Bulldog self!

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English Bulldog

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