Gives you the paperwork run around

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I have pet insurance from my AKC pure-bred toy poodle. He has had every examination and I have medical records of the parents. I went with the top medical plan which cost me over $50 a month. My dog recently contracted severe gastroenteritis and has to be hospitalized (on a drip, blood tests, xrays). He recovered and the bill came to over $1000. This was my first claim - although I could have claimed for other items like shots and neutering. They say to submit itemized invoice and it will take 30 days. I should have received $860 back with deductable. On the 30th day - they send me an email saying they need more information including every doctors visit since he was born including all charts and notes. Luckily I have only taken him to one vet and have a lot of records from a breeder - but this could be a major problem for other people. Obviously this is a way to make it hard for people to claim. Some will probably drop out here andif they cannot locate every single exam since your dog was born - they will knock back the claim. I am now getting secondary insurance and will walk away from this when I get my money back. Oh and all the stuff I did not claim for like shots, well being checks, neuter. Do not go with this company. They give you the run around.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Toy Poodle

Age of Pet
Under a year

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