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In August 2009, we added 2 cats to our family. We'd always thought about pet insurance but kept putting off the purchase. Then one of the cats, our female Abyssinian, Abby, fell off our balcony. Thankfully, she survived uninjured. The scare finally motivated us to get pet insurance. After much research, we settled on PetPlan. Shortly after starting with PetPlan, we added another member to our family- a male Boston Terrier puppy, we named Jack. We immediately purchased a PetPlan policy for him. After he was with us a few months, he had a horrible case of diarrhea. We immediately took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and treated with medication. (Cost-about $300.) He seemed to be doing better until he finished with his meds. A few days after completion of his medication, his stool became very soft and eventually became puddling diarrhea. He also had an episode of vomitting in the middle of the night. We went back to the vet. This time the vet recommended further testing, and placed Jack back on medications. (Cost- about $500). Jack seems to be improving and we hope that he is all better. We are so thankful for PetPlan. They covered everything after payment of our deductible. We could not believe how easy it was to submit a claim and how quickly we were reimbursed.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Boston Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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