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We have participated in the vet pet insurance program for the past 11 years. We recently lost our beloved Taylor to cancer, however, VPI allowed us to provide the very best health care available. Unfortunately, one of our other dogs was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor at age 11 months and we opted for chemotherapy to give him the best chance of a good life. He is now a healthy 9 year-old. Over the years VPI has probably covered about 30-35% of our vet expenses, however, we did not expect complete coverage. The coverage has allowed us to make healthcare decisions based on our dog's best interest rather than our ability to pay. Regular bloodwork, teeth cleaning, medications etc., provide ongoing monitoring of overall health - major accidents, serious surgeries are the expenses that will break the bank! VPI came through for us on several occasions. We recommend VPI to all new pet owners for peace of mind when making healthcare decisions.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

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