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Adopted my rescue Mischa (G.Shephard/Akita mix) @ 5 months old in January 2008 & didn't get insurance til she was over a year old. Recommend to anyone adopting or purchasing a dog to get it RIGHT AWAY. Completely worth it. About 6 months after getting the insurance, Mischa started to limp on her back right leg. After leaving it for a couple months - we did tests; x-rays & find out it was a partially torn CCL (ACL). Decided to use the meds to reduce inflamation & monitor. 1 year later; the limping is worse & through more tests we've found out that now both CCL's are partially torn. She will likely need a TPLO surgery to repair this in the near future. Surgery aside; we've had about $3500 in claims for the tests & meds over the past year. Not only has Trupanion done their part & covered everything they're supposed to; they're timely & keep in frequent contact via email to let you know that your claim has been received; reviewed & processed. It's great to have that information & have the claims processed so quickly. The only thing I wish I would have known (more clearly) is the coverage for hip displaysia. I wasn't aware that this was a separate coverage at the time of sign-up. Having a G.Shepherd; I definitely would have liked this option but looks like the knees are going to be the problem for this girl anyways!!

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torn CCL (right & left)
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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