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Purchased a superior plan for a new puppy - does not include general/regular treatment: immunizations, check-ups, all the "well baby" care as the price of the vet visits vs the price of the insurance coverage for those evened out. So my plan covers illnesses, accidents, and an additional cancer rider. Puppy gets ill, can't walk - ER trip, regular vet and finally a specialist to diagnose a bone disease. Each of these three did diagnostic tests (bloodwork, x-rays) and once there was a diagnosis we began treatment (medication) and the specialist wants a series of xrays done monthly to check the progress, make sure surgery isn't needed. Total bill for two months: almost $3,000 Amount VPI paid: $342 10% Why so little? Because in their list of covered illnesses they have determined that I only need to spend $92 for the vet fees and $150 for treatment, with the additional monies being what I could spend to get a second opinion from a specilist. "Treatment" for VPI includes xrays. ONE xray costs $150. This is a BONE disease, how on earth they came to the figure of only allowing $150 ~total~ for treatment is beyond me. A letter to them from my vet and the specialist got no response. They said they will pay out what they have listed in their coverage forms regardless of any complications or if surgery is required. This is a disease that can go away on it's own, but can get bad enough that people euthanize their dogs, it is a very painful disease and there is no "tre

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