VPI Insurance for our Puppy

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We have a 7 month old German shepherd that we bought when she was 9 weeks old. Having owned Shepherds, for over 40 years we know they can be very expensive. Within a 2 week period of buying our dog I started looking for insurance via the Internet, I called 3 or 4 companies checking out prices, deductibles and coverage’s, l settled on VPI, my reasons were; cost, coverage and their helpfulness in explanations of my questions not just a vague answer like I got when I asked some of the other companies the same questions. When I received their insurance package, my wife and I were somewhat shocked at all the forms, policy verbiage etc. We began reviewing the policy and within a day or so VPI called and asked if we had received the policy and did we have any question. Our conversation lasted about 30 minutes. The person we talked to answered every question we had and even suggested to have our Veterinarian’s staff either fill in the form or help us with each item on the form, as VPI, when reviewing completed forms, returns approximately 50 percent or so of the forms because of wrong or bad input. VPI even suggested faxing, rather than mail forms. To make a long story short within 2 months our puppy swallowed sewing needle and had to have stomach surgery. The Veterinarian suggested she be spayed at the same time. The total bill came to about $2,115.00. The clinic knew we had VPI and asked us to give them the form and they would fill it out and send it in for us, they also asked for

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Stomach Surgery (Swallowed a sewing needle)
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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