Excellent but a couple catches.

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I believe Vet Insurance has an excellent method/format of providing coverage, much better than other offerings. I still would recommend because the company does good, HOWEVER, I do have two notes of concern: 1) They notified me, but randomly added 150% to my policy monthly cost, because my BullDog lives in Ontario. Now that my dog is 3 years old and has experienced a couple illnesses, I have no choice but to pay the increased rate, as a new policy would have some pre-existing conditions. Yes, the new rate is "competitive" in today's market, but what happened to the "prices will generally not increase over the life of your pet" sales pitch. 2) Make sure your vet is extremely specific in labelling what could be a pre-existing condition as once something smells like it is on the list, good luck with that one.

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Posted: 09/23/2009

In 2008, Trupanion/Vetinsurance made a structural shift in the way we determine monthly premiums in order to allow every pet owner to receive the best value for their specific pet. After 8 years of being in business, we found that some breeds and locations were subsidizing others. Therefore, we created a more even playing field by accounting for the local cost of veterinary medicine, which brought some decreases in premiums and some larger than normal increases (depending on the historical data of breed and location). Before this time, every pet had the same monthly premium based on the age at which they enrolled. Now, premiums are determined by the local costs of veterinary medicine, the breed of your pet, and its age at the time of enrollment. We are not anticipating any further structural changes in the near future, so the premium you see when you sign up will remain consistent except for the periodical impact inflation has on the cost of veterinary care. We assure you that your premiums won’t increase nor will your coverage be restricted due to filing claims or your pet aging.

Posted: 02/01/2010

Hmmm, this seems pretty shady.... you said that to other clients and then you change policy. Im looking for an insurance company and ive heard this a few times in these reviews... how can we trust you.