If only human health insurance worked so well!

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Their service is impeccable. They are thorough, attenttive, honest, and upfront. They are the answer to the healthcare crisis in this country. Of course, I'd prefer if dental and drugs were covered in the annual plan...but I'm sure there was an option for that, that I likely opted out due to increased monthly payments. I couldn't possibly be happier. Christina Wrona is the person with whom I've been dealin...professional, knowledgable and caring. Thank you.

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Posted: 06/16/2008

This company is the BEST out there. I did alot of research before selecting EMBRACE after having my previous insurance with VPI. There is NO COMPARISON in the two. There is not one detail that does not make EMBRACE the best. We cannot believe how much difference in every aspect. If you have animals with pre existing issues EMBRACE is the only company that can address those types of issues. And to be a to pick your own plan as well as deductibles is the best. You can pick a plan that works best for you. Also, be careful of companies that pay off of a fee schedule and that have a deductible per visit. You will not receive the best reimbursement for your vet bill. This is our second year with EMBRACE and we cannot say enough good about this company and the responsiveness/customer service with this company. I would recommend to anyone that this is the only company to consider for your pets.