Having this Insurance is like having no insurance

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The reason I got this insurance is my yorkie broke her leg and I had no money to pay for surgey. Thank god my vet fixed it with a spleen. If something was to happen again I would be in the same situation if I have no cash on hand. I have used this insurance once and was only reimbursed less than half of what I paid out to my vet even thought I have their top plan. I can put my money in a special saving and will have something available for emergency. Having this insurance is like having no insurance at all

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Posted: 06/27/2008

Wow...they fix his leg with a spleen! Getting half your $ back vs getting none of your money back is still better than getting none of your money back don't you think?

Posted: 07/16/2008

No, getting half of your $ back is not better when you factor in all the money you have already paid them!