VPI has zero tolerance for fake reviews?

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In reading the review thread I am shocked at how many major claims have been supposedly partially paid by VPI. I had 2 dogs insured by them and they refused to renew one of the dog's coverage. The reason was not viable thus they came back to me claiming that now my dog was able to covered by them again. Another dog has a congenital problem that I could only find out via a vet visit. The outcome was that VPI would not pay for even the vet visit as the diagnosis was congenital. How would I have known if I had not taken the dog to the vet in the first place? VPI has cost me hundreds of dollars for nothing. And, I truly wonder if the customers giving high ratings to VPI are truly customers or employees as suggested in another review posted. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!

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Posted: 06/27/2008

I am a VPI policy holder for almost 8 years. I read my policy and I understand it. You obviously didnt read your policy because it says right on the contract that they dont cover congenital defects and they have a list on their web site of the things they dont cover. You need to be proactive and learn aoubt your policy so you know how to use it.

Posted: 07/02/2008

You're right Patricia. Terri obviously works for them, or knows someone who does. her comments go all the way through this forum supporting VPI and explaining the contract. Zero tolerance is nice if you back it up.

Posted: 07/16/2008

Terry, VPI have any rules about customer service? They know who i am and immediately transfer me to a vmail for gail. Doesn't matter if I scream at them asking for a supervisor, they just keep feeding the flame by transfering me to a vmail. Aweseome customer service! Filed complaints, and I will take this further pretty soon, just waiting for them to decline my most recent claim.