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We brought our adorable 8 week old French bulldog puppy Milo home in November 2017. As a new dog owner I immediately started to research pet insurance because I was unfamiliar with it and wasn’t sure if it was worthwhile. After researching and comparing pet insurance I decided to invest in Healthy Paws. I figured better safe than sorry. Everything was fine until Milo was about 1 ½ years old and he started to have medical issues. He had his veterinarian which lead to his animal ophthalmologist and eventually his neurologist. It was finally determined the next course of medical action was to have an MRI and Spinal tap performed. Without thinking, because you will do anything for your little furry family member, we went ahead with the costly procedure just to finally rule out a neurological issue. We made this decision thinking we would have to pay for the procedure out of pocket. When I finally took a look at the coverage Healthy Paws provided for Milo’s policy, it covered 80% of the procedure minus the deductible. A good portion of the cost was covered by Healthy Paws, which was a financial relief, along with the relief of finding out Milo did not have a neurological issue. Healthy Paws customer service was very friendly and great to work with and the claim submission process was very easy and once all the required medical records were submitted it only took a couple of weeks to receive the check in the mail. I HIGHLY recommend Healthy Paws if you are looking for medical coverage for your family pet.

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