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I recently had a cat, Lightning, pass away from cancer which was totally devistating to me. My vet, witnessing my sorrow from my beloved pet, found a kitten in front of McDonalds. He had a case of diarrhea so they nursed him to health and gave him to me. When I got braden he was so tiny (5 weeks old) and much too small to insure. But when he hit the mark I purchased Pets Best insurance to cover him. Well at about 11 weeks he I noticed that he had just stopped eating and seemed very lethargic. When he fell asleep in his food bowl I rushed him to emergency where they asked about his health history. The only thing that he ever had was that bout with diarrhea, but living your first few weeks at McDonalds can do that to humans. They determined that he had dehydration because he wasn't eating and drinking and sent us on our way. The next day he seemed better that morning but in the evening he began having horrible tremors. I rushed him back to emergency where they again determined that he must just be dehydrated and gave him more fluids. The next day I took him to his vet and she did a complete blood pannel on him and determined that his blood sugar was 30!! That explained the shaking, lethargy, lack of interest in food which were his symptoms and original complaint. Well Pets Best ordered medical records eventhough they had the complete invoices and payment records which is what they claimed is all that they needed. Well, they saw that he had diarrhea when he was found and denied

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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