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Our dog recently needed knee surgery for a ruptured ACL. Our previous experience with VPI has only been with her semi-annual vet check ups. We were pleased with the responses to these reimbursements. We are very pleased with the handling of her surgery costs. We intially noticed a problem one night so we took her to an emergency clinic to be checked. We then had a follow up at the vet's office. The surgery was done at the vet's office and then she spent that night at the emergency clinic so that they could manage her pain. In all we had 4 separate bills that were submitted. All were paid within 3 weeks of being sent in. The total of all 4 items was just over $1400 and we were reimbursed just over $1200. That means we were reimbursed about 85% of the cost of her surgery. This helped make a bad experience so much better, we only had to be concerned with her recovery and not with how much we were spending.

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