Well worth the cost

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We have had VPI for about 4 years now. Being a vet tech for several years, i had to see so many animals euthanized because owners did not have the money, they had to say no to treatment. I decied I never wanted to have to say no b/c I couldnt afford it. For the first 3years of our policy we didnt have to use it for anything major, but as our older guy gets older we have run into some issues. As far as the pay out goes, some perso on here said they only got back 50% and I find that really hard to believe, perhpas they have the cheapest policy, I'm not sure. This past year we have spent close to $2,000, and i would say we got back 1,500 or more. Reimbursement always comes very quickly. The one thing I would want to change, is when Explainations of Benefits come back, There is always an amoutn listed as "does not qualify for reimbursement" and i would like that amount to be listed as to what it was used for, and why it is not eligable for reimbursement. Other than that, we have been incrediby happy with our Pet insurnace, and I reccommend it to everyone I speak with about pets.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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