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I had a Pets Best policy for 3 years. My wonderful boy has allergies and will have to have them treated for the rest of his life. The per incident amount on the plan is $2500 I used that amount in two years. Pets Best considers the incident to be anytime that problem happens so in reality they only cover chronic conditions up to the limit. I have changed to a VPI plan they won't cover the allergies (they are pre-existing) but they let me know exactly what I am getting and honesty is important to me!

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Posted: 08/14/2009

Well, all I can say is good luck on VPI - Yes, my dog has a rather unusual problem. The diagnosis and aspiration pneumonia associated with it resulted in a bill in the neighborhood of $6000. They paid approximately 30%. Altho pneumonia is an acute disease, their per incident definition meant that when he got sick again with pneumonia, it somehow became a single incidence and was not covered.

Posted: 09/23/2009

VPI is awful! They do not pay for anything. They use a fee schedule that is very outdated and doesn't even begin to cover todays expenses. My dog got very sick and required emergency services and hospitalization. Of the $1600 bill they paid about $400. It is definately a rip off!

Posted: 02/26/2010

Claire, there's a reason VPI is the lowest rated pet insurer by policyholders. Their payouts are ridiculously low. They use a fee schedule that must have been generated in 1955. Use your brain and computer and research many companies